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Typical application of powder metallurgy technology in automobile industry


Typical application of powder metallurgy technology in automobile industry

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The improvement of automobile quality requires more powder metallurgy parts, which is reflected in the increase of powder metallurgy industry output and the proportion of powder metallurgy products in
The improvement of automobile quality requires more powder metallurgy parts, which is reflected in the increase of powder metallurgy industry output and the proportion of powder metallurgy products in automobile parts.
The car has a lot of sintering materials, according to statistics, Japan's per car about a sintered parts used by the United States automobile manufacturing powder metallurgy material has reached the car, its wide range of application of superhard tool to mechanical parts of sliding parts of friction parts of porous materials of magnetic materials materials, electrical materials.
The ignition system and the exhaust system of the sensor core line engine.
In a word, powder metallurgy parts have many advantages over conventional forged steel parts, which will lead to the dominant position of powder metallurgy materials in automobile materials.
Pure iron powder pre mixed lubricant, alloy pressing down a complex program in powder metallurgy application trend of automobile in order to make the car in the design structure to achieve higher standards, powder metallurgy process has been studied by more and more materials and design engineers, which is regarded as a kind of saving energy and reducing the cost of an important way, powder metallurgy process flow diagram as shown in figure.
Powder metallurgy products have been widely used by many domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers in the engine chassis and other parts.
Moreover, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in various countries.
The gasoline component requirements are increasingly stringent, the original car on the heat resisting steels and cast iron etc. because cannot rely on lead content in gasoline to lubricate and greatly reduce the wear resistance of powder metallurgy materials due to the advantages of the integration of a variety of metal powder, with wear resistance and good machinability.
In addition, all kinds of powder metallurgy materials along with the birth of the EFI engine also received a large number of applications, these materials have advantages of high temperature resistance, erosion and loss and other thread usage, usually used in a variety of typical applications of sintered alloy powder metallurgy technology giant wrote only finished in the car in the car, it can reduce the fuel cost and improve the performance of the vehicle, the metal powder is sintered metal materials, metal powder sintering has many, due to the use of different metal powder mixed inclusions not only mixed less, easy to adjust the composition, but also on the insoluble components and composite, the machining precision of the parts made of high loss materials is not necessary small.
A) valve support supports high-speed and reciprocating valve stem. It is exposed to high temperature in the end of the combustion chamber. It is an important part that requires heat resistance, research and development and wear resistance.
A Japanese company has developed a kind of material, the components of the essential lead solid lubricating lubricity and low melting point glass so that the materials in solid solution and dispersion strengthening matrix, equivalent to the excellent wear resistance under high temperature, not only in unleaded gasoline hair flake graphite cast iron and graphite free cable in the body or by motivation, but also can use a P composed of a pore filling in diesel and liquefied petroleum gas engine, the wear resistance of ordinary alloy cast these excellent heat-resistant wear resistance machinability is a times of iron.
The casting material can not be met at the same time.
The seat seat is sintered in many countries attention and development of Japan's development of piston rings released by the Ministry of the seat components such as table parts, in order to ensure the sealing performance of the combustion chamber, the valve seat must withstand high temperature anti, it suggests that the material should be based on the friction engine fuel cylinder cover materials to choose complex movement of the valve, and to maintain a certain clearance.
So it must be fixed.
Because of the different lead content in the fuel, the wear form of the material has a great demand for excellent heat resistance and wear resistance.
The difference.
The generated in the combustion of lead sulfide lead halide powder metallurgy and other Japanese companies will lead compounds containing the amount in the case, played the role of lubricant, but excessive sintering steel as base material, and the pore in the infiltration is due to molten salt corrosion caused by residual wear which, in the under the condition of using the sintered material has excellent wear resistance and high temperature valve needs to be dropped below the temperature of the molten zone, so for life.
In addition, with the improvement of engine performance, the heat resistant valve seat is used in the above seat.
The company developed a series of materials based on the dispersion of rigid particles in the steel matrix material, improving manufacturing methods, wearing materials and sealing with copper.
The thermal conductivity of the material is improved, and it is used to make the powder metallurgy industry department of the Sumitomo Electric Industry Company of leaded gasoline engine in the heat resistant alloy valve seat.
The hard carbide phase dispersed in the matrix and suitable conditions for stuffing materials and materials published in the Ministry of technology development of Japan, Xiangxin, Japan, are introduced.
The exhaust is used, a suction is used, the lower part of one of the double decker valve has its own lead, and the exhaust with a cast iron cylinder head is used as a power steering device.
The blade type hydraulic pump is generally used, and its main parts are the rotor cam ring stator and other parts, which are the most suitable materials.
A sintered body can be used and a cam ring is produced in a large number of rotors whose tensile strength is required to reach above.
But with the high speed of the engine, it is turning to a better wear resistant material.
Gear for starting motor.
The gear requires high impact strength, and the wind carburizing and quenching have been used in the past.